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Red Carpet Makeup trends from TIFF

By September 19, 2018Celebrity Makeup

Well I can cross this goal off my list….last week I got to be a featured Makeup Expert on the popular talk show The Social!

the social ctv logo

I talked about the hottest makeup trends seen on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was my first time ever having to speak and demo on live TV.  To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  I totally blacked out and barely remembered what I said, I went into total auto-pilot!  It was pretty exciting to sit down later that evening and watch the segment with my husband and kids.

You can watch the segment here———–> Fav. makeup trends from the TIFF Red Carpet

I wanted to break down and spotlight all the products I used on my models.

Bold Colourful Liner Trend:

annabelle edge liner

Pencil-Wild Coral Edge Liner from Annabelle

mac 239 brush

Brush-#239 from MAC Cosmetics

Expensive Skin Trend:

Tatcha dewy skin spray

Makeup Spray-Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist

charlotte tilbury bar of gold palette

Highlighter-Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Palette

mac 168 brushmac 168 brush

Brush-#168 from MAC Cosmetics

Invisible Eyeliner Trend:

Mac graphblack liner

Eye Pencil-Graphblack Technakhol Liner from MAC Cosmetics

Classic Red Lip Trend:

Grande Lips Lip Plumper

Lip Plumper-Grande Lips Plumping Gloss

annabelle edge lip liner

Lip Liner-Showstopper Edge liner from Annabelle


Lip Colour-Kiss Me Pillow Pout Lip Plumping Powder from Buxom

Dramatic Eye Trend:

Kiss false lashes pixie

Lashes-KISS Blowout False Lashes in the style PIXIE

point_tweezer_angled revlon

Tweezers-Revlon Pro Point Tweezers

And since I have been asked about what I wore I figured I should include that as well:

toronto makeup artist janine holmes


Lips-Kiss Me Pillow Pout

Tassel Earrings-Accessories by Talia

Dress-Lip Print Dress from Amazon (only $20)!!!


I had a nice big cocktail after the show in celebration of a great segment….so cheers to many more!




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