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‘THROW BACK THURSDAY’ Jonathan Toews and Makeup for Men-Grooming

After all the excitement of the Stanley Cup Finals coming to a close this week I thought the perfect Throw Back Thursday would be to talk about when I worked with Chicago Blackhawks’ Captain Jonathan Toews back in 2011. The year before was huge for Jonathan having won not only the Stanley Cup as one of the youngest Captains in the NHL but he also brought home an Olympic Gold medal for Team Canada-not too shabby for a 23 year old! I had the honour of working with him for a series of photo shoots and videos for The Canadian Tire Hockey School.
Jonathan Toews CU2
Jonathan is a founding member of the school where he gives young hockey players advice and information about the sport. For this shoot I had the easy task of powdering down Jonathan’s nose! For male makeup or grooming as we call it, it’s all about using minimal products. The last thing you want to do is use too much and have the guy look like he is in fact wearing makeup. The products that I used on Jonathan were a thin coat of Photo Finish Primer from Smashbox which smoothed out the texture of his skin. It also helped to control his shine.
I used Select Cover Up from MAC Cosmetics in the areas that needed it most like under his eyes, around the nose and on the neck to cover any nicks or razor bumps. I would never use an all over foundation on men unless it is absolutely necessary. Jonathan luckily had great skin so I was able to get away with just using Select Cover Up which looks like a second skin, not like makeup. Then to set the concealer and to touch Jonathan up throughout the day I used Blot Powder also from MAC. Another tip is to have plenty of paper towel handy when working with men. They can sweat A LOT under hot set lights and blotting papers just wont cut it!
select cover up-blotpowder
It was as simple as that. For male grooming I think the appropriate acronym would be ‘KISS’. Keep It Simple Stupid or lets say Superstar! There is no need to overdo it. Always go in with a soft application and you can always add more later if necessary. My favorite part of the shoot was Jonathan brought his Olympic Gold Medal and ring and even let his goofy makeup artist try them on!

Congrats Jonathan on yet another Stanley Cup win and on behalf of all Toronto Maple Leaf fans we thank you for taking the win from Boston! Good job kid!


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