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‘THROW BACK THURSDAYS’-Canada’s Best Beauty Talent

Over two years ago there was a buzz in the Canadian hair and makeup industry. Canada’s Best Beauty Talent was a new online show that was looking for contestants to compete for the title of Canada’s top makeup artist and top hairstylist. There were tons of video applications being loaded to YouTube and Vimeo daily and I must admit I was a addicted to watching them. It was so great to see the creativity and effort that fellow hairstylists and makeup artists went through to get noticed. I knew I had to apply to be on the show and I wanted to do something different than just turning a camera on myself and talking about my achievements as a makeup artist. I thought it would be cool to do a timeline of makeup icons throughout the decades. When I was a trainer for MAC Cosmetics I trained retail staff about period makeup through the decades and was able to use that knowledge to select which makeup icons I would use in my video. And then the process began…I decided to transform myself into 8 different makeup icons that I think have had a distinctive effect on my industry and trends.

Here is a breakdown of all the makeup icons I selected:

1. Clara Bow-a silent film actress in the 1920s. Her signature look was penciled in eyebrows that were thin and they sat lower than where her real brow would be to create a sad, almost cartoonish look.

2. Lucille Ball-I LOVE LUCY! An actress/comedienne who rose to fame in the 40s and 50s. Everyone loved her perfect blend of class and impeccable comedic timing. She was known for her signature red hair and her typical full face of makeup complete with rounded brows and lips.

3. Marilyn Monroe-Arguably she is still the biggest/most popular sex symbol in the world! A troubled actress who was an on screen siren in the 50s and 60s. Her look always included pointed brows, winged out liner that created sleepy/bedroom eyes, red perfect lips and of course her beauty mark on her left cheek.

4. Twiggy-a waif thin model who gained popularity in the late 60s. Her look was very androgynous and she was known for her big eyes that were accentuated with false lashes and lashes were actually painted on her lower lash line.

5.Gene Simmons-Gene’s wild stage persona ‘The Demon’ made his debut back in 1974 with the glam rock band Kiss. The look included white skin with a black bat-wing design around the eyes which was inspired by the comic book character Black Bolt.

6. Madonna-The Material Girl herself has changed her look throughout the years but she really helped to define makeup, hair and clothing trends in the 80s. From the teased hair, colourful eye makeup and extremely bushy eyebrows-Madonna is without a doubt a huge makeup icon for a decade that a lot of us would like to forget about :/

7. Gwen Stefani-Maybe she wouldnt be most people’s top pick as a makeup icon from the 90s but she’s a favorite of mine and I had to include her into the mix. I loved Gwen’s boyish yet girlie look as the lead singer of the Pop-Ska band No Doubt. To this day she is one of my all time favorite makeup icons and she makes me want to never leave my house without a bright red lip!

8. Lady Gaga-I have had the opportunity to do Lady Gaga’s makeup before so I thought she would be the perfect celebrity to transform into. She is so outside of the box when it comes to her makeup look and she is a great makeup icon for current times.

So needless to say, I had WAY too much fun turning myself into these characters and editing my video entry for Canada’s Best Beauty Talent. I wasnt selected to be on the show but my friend Cait Mizzi was and it was a great to watch her in action. Now time to watch my video-ENJOY!


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