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By February 7, 2016Commercial work

I haven’t done too many food commercials before but for some reason I just did a whole whack of them last month.   One was for Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Chicken Wings.

chicken wings

It was an online promo to be released just before the Superbowl.  We all know how much saucy wings and football go together!

wings and football

This gig was an easy one.  It was just one guy so only a wee bit of grooming was required (you can learn all about Male Grooming from a previous post of mine found here——->Grooming).  The only curve ball thrown at me was the actor had a tattoo on his inner left arm.   It happened to be that arm that he had to stick out in the beginning of the commercial to introduce the segment.

tattoo cover


The client wanted the tattoo to be covered up.  But I didn’t panic…I actually enjoy doing tattoo coverups.  A little bit of colour theory and knowing how to build coverage are key!

So now time to show you the final product.  I hope you enjoy!

Did it make you hungry for some wings???


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