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By October 12, 2018Halloween
crystal skull halloween makeup

Are you guys ready to go on a little journey of me creating a Crystal Skull Halloween makeup?  Well buckle up…I’ve got the whole low down just for you.

The Idea

I’m the type of person where if I have a creative idea pop into my head, it is really hard to ignore it.  I love the surge of energy it gives me.  I was at a friend’s house playing board games and the topic of Halloween came up.  A friend asked me if I was going to do one of my annual Halloween Makeups (they don’t call me the Queen of Halloween for nothing).  I said I hadn’t actually thought about it yet (true story).  She said her favorite makeup that I have done was my crystal skull that I created back in 2013.

crystal skull halloween makeup

That statement sparked the idea!  I thought…wouldn’t it be cool to recreate the look with a different twist.   I thought it would be fun to do the makeup with tons of crystals!  And that’s what I did.  But before we get there let me tell you about the prep that went into the look….

First I needed crystals and I knew I wanted to use Aurora Borealis coloured crystals.  They look like the colours you’d find in an oil slick.  I was only able to find smaller sized crystals but not large ones.   The smaller flat back crystals I was able to order from Amazon:

flatback crystals halloween

Tear drop AB Crystals

crystals halloween makeup

Round AB Crystals

I remembered that I had ordered a necklace back in February when I was doing a glitter photoshoot for my new headshots.  The necklace had large AB crystals in it.  I didn’t end up using that necklace and realistically I probably would never wear it anywhere.

necklace crystal AB

Popping out the crystals from the necklace proved to be very hard as they were glued in there pretty well!  I put my oven to 350 Degrees and put the necklace on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.  I kept it in the oven for about 5 minutes and that was all it needed to heat up the glue and pop out all the crystals.  RIP pretty necklace.

Now that was done I was ready to create my Crystal Skull Halloween Makeup 2.0.

Products I Used:

halloween makeup artist skull

I decided I would attempt to put together a time lapse of my transformation.  I realized I got so in the zone and I was covering my face with my mirror for a good portion of the time so sorry for that!  But I think it turned out pretty well.  Take a look and let me know what you think.


Here are some tips that I recommend:

  • Do all the details first….eyes, skull shape etc. before you start gluing on crystals
  • I did the teeth crystals pretty early on and I wish I didn’t…I recommend doing them later so you can still drink or eat
  • For symmetry try to do the same pattern/crystals on each side of your cheeks then add on from there
  • Use the larger crystals in the center and use smaller ones along the edges and around the nose
  • Use cotton swabs to apply the glue so you don’t ruin any of your brushes
  • Make tweaks/changes to the shape of everything as you go….if you watch closely at one point I add more shading on the sides of my cheeks to add a more hollow effect

And finally now I present the pics for my Crystal Skull Halloween Makeup 2.0.  ENJOY & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

crystal skeleton halloween makeupcrystal skull halloween makeuphalloween makeup skull toronto

XO Janine

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