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Dion Phaneuf’s Halloween Makeup

By October 30, 2015Halloween

A special blog post this week just for the folks at BarDown and TSN – I think I can solve the mystery of who was behind the Dion Phaneuf skeleton makeup this year (and last year’s Spiderman makeup)!

phaneuf halloween janine holmes

Let’s start with a quick look at what we’re working with:

phaneuf halloween janine holmes-2

This photo was posted by Phaneuf on his Instagram, Tuesday evening at the annual Toronto Maple Leafs‘ Halloween Party.  BarDown wrote about his ‘incredible makeup’ on their website and speculated that Phaneuf might have had the help of a professional makeup artist to achieve the look.  You can check out that post here———>BarDown Post

Well I’m here to confirm BarDown’s ‘strange feeling’ and to let them know that I’m the makeup artist behind Phaneuf’s Spiderman and Skeleton makeup!!!!

Here is a shot of Dion and I last year adding in the details of his Spiderman makeup and the final look:


And here is a quick video to show Phaneuf’s transformation into this year’s Skeleton makeup:

Hope you enjoy!  Happy Halloween!

XO J9 (Sherlock) Holmes

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