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May the Force of Makeup be with you!

Back in 1977 when Star Wars hit theaters the concept of a large franchised movie pairing with a cosmetic company would have been crazy.  In the past decade it has become the norm for makeup companies to launch a line of limited edition colours and products that correlate with a blockbuster film. In tune with this new trend Cover Girl has just announced that they will launch a collection of makeup that is based on none other then Star Wars!



A sneak peak of the collection was revealed and here are the first 2 images out of 6, one makeup look is based on a Droid and the other a Stormtropper:


Makeup was designed by the amazingly talented Pat McGrath.pat-mcgrath-backstage-at-roberto-cavalli-ss15-glamour-extensions-mascara-application-700x466The Cover Girl-Star Wars collection is based on the Light and Dark side of the force.

The line will include these gorgeous shimmery lipsticks:


Waterproof Mascaras with quotes from the Light side of the force.



And Regular Mascaras with quotes from the Dark side.


And completing this collection will be gorgeous nail polishes with high shine


The collection will be available online starting September 4th, and it will hit stores in mid-September.

The only thing that could make this Star Wars collection any better was if they actually launched this line on May the 4th 😉

Are you on the dark side or the light side?


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