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Working at Breakfast Television-Celebrity Style Steal

Today I did hair and makeup for a segment on Breakfast Television called Celebrity Style Steal.  Like any other time Ive worked at BT I had a ridiculous early call time of 4:45am-yuck!  Anyway I rolled myself out of bed and even managed to make myself look somewhat presentable-oh the power of makeup!  I got this opportunity through Fancy Face Inc which is a full service/mobile makeup and hair agency that I have been working with for the past 2 months.  There were 3 artists that needed to get 3 models and 1 host ready in about an hour.  I took care of the male model which was easy-peasy. The clothing stylist even put a hat on him so grooming was to a minimum.  I also did the makeup for one of the models and the celebrity inspiration was Selena Gomez-with a purple/plum smokey eye, pink cheeks/lips and beautiful glowing skin.


To get that sun-kissed cheek I used a cult classic blush from Nars called ‘Orgasm’…maybe its called that because it gives that sexy ‘after-glow’ 😉  For the lips I used ‘Pink Perfection’ Colour Sensational Lipgloss from Maybelline.  One of the other makeup artists let me borrow her Shimmer Brick Compact in ‘Pink Quartz’ from Bobbi Brown. I dusted it all over the higher planes of the models face and it really added more dimension to the skin. I will definitely be adding that product to my kit!

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The Segment aired this morning at 6:20am when most of you may have still been sleeping so in case you missed it you can check out the link here (skip to 38:35 thats when the piece starts):

Celebrity Style Steal on Breakfast Television

The best part about working so early…I get to go home and go back to bed….nighty night ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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