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Q & A with 3 Top Makeup Artists

By August 27, 2015Celebrity Makeup

Ever wonder what its like to be a big time makeup artist?  Now you can get a little snapshot of their lives in this great Q & A by Wall Street Journal.  The interviews are with Sir John, Lisa Eldridge and Hannah Murray.  Now you might be asking yourself just who are these artists???   I’m pretty sure you have probably seen their work on red carpets or in one of the giant fashion magazines.  Here are some quick backgrounds on these PRO makeup artists:

Sir John is best know as the master behind Beyoncé’s beautiful looks.  He was also named a L’Oreal celebrity makeup artist in April of 2015.

sir john

Lisa Eldridge took her makeup expertise to YouTube where she built an impressive audience of almost 1.2 Million followers!

lisa e

Hannah Murray has been working with Topshop Beauty as their exclusive Makeup Consultant, since the 2010.


Here is the link to the interviews:

3 Top MUAS

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!



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