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‘PRODUCT REVIEW’ The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

By January 23, 2014Product Review

Gone are the days when I thought that The Body Shop was for pre-teens who needed to stock up on their White Musk and Satsuma perfumes.  Don’t get me wrong I was one of those pre-teens back in the day but I must admit that I haven’t even stepped foot inside a Body Shop for at least 10 years.  It was actually my husband that re-piqued my interest in The Body Shop because he bought me Deep Sleep a calming bath milk that I desperately needed after the hustle and bustle of a strenuous work week.


I absolutely love Deep Sleep, its smells like something from a high-end spa and it calms me down and literally helps me slip into a deep sleep-hence the name!  But that’s not the product that I want to spotlight in this piece, the product that I want to highlight is called Vitamin C Microdermabrasionvitamin-c-microdermabrasion_lI have very dry skin pretty much year round and I need to exfoliate every morning.  I usually use the daily cleansing scrub from Proactive Solution which is gentle enough for daily use.  I do like to do a deeper scrub at least once every 2 weeks.  I have used the Microfine Refinisher Scrub from MAC Cosmetics for many years but they have long since discontinued that product.


My mother in law had a scrub that was kinda similar to MAC’s called DerMed Enhancing Micro Crystal Finish but when she told me the product cost her around $90 for 75 ml I immediately became uninterested!  About a month ago I was staying at a friend’s house and she had a tube of The Body Shop’s VCM and I tried it.  I fell in love with the formulation instantly, the scrubbing partials are micro-fine and they polish my skin to a beautiful finish.  The smell is also very pleasing, smelling like freshly squeezed oranges.  With my skincare background I also know that any product with Vitamin C does wonders for ones complexion including, improving its overall elasticity, it promotes collagen production and it brightens dull tired looking skin.  And the best part about this product is it wont break the bank!  One 100 ml tube will run you about $20 after taxes.  I would give this product 4.5 kiss marks out of 5.lips rating system .5

So needless to say The Body Shop is now going to be a store that I wont overlook anymore.   I cant wait to discover some more goodies from their line.



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